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Happy 2012!


Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

On behalf of all of us here at The Power Rangers Samurai Times, I would like to wish all of our readers a very happy 2012, a super season of Power Rangers (Super) Samurai, and to thank all of you for your continued support.

In honor of the new year, we thought that we’d recap some of our bigger moments from 2011 for those of you who may have missed them. These are certainly minor in the grand scheme of the world at large, but for The Power Rangers Samurai Times, they seem like giant Bulk–sized leaps. Having said that, in honor of the Samurai Rangers, here are our top six moments from 2011.

Number Six: It’s only fitting that our “Gold Ranger” moment goes to our first additional team member, Joseph Michael Sciola, and his review of Deal With A Nighlok. You can read all about Joseph on our “About the Authors” page under our “About” tab. Joesph’s first contribution occurred on February 21, 2011, and I encourage all of you to read it if you haven’t done so already.

Number Five: Our “Pink Ranger” moment can easily be summed up as August 28th, 2011. Those of you who have been following the show will recognize the date instantaneously; it’s the 18th anniversary of the series premiere of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, and I’m happy to say that we were here to celebrate it. More impressively, Power Rangers Samurai effectively made it so that the number of seasons once again correspond to the number of years PR has been on television. There’s no longer a need to type out the number of years, seasons, and episodes; years and seasons are now one again for the first time since the ’90s, and thank Saban Brands very much for that.

Number Four: Our “Yellow Ranger” moment is rather impressive in my opinion. Back on April 13th, Joseph wrote an excellent review of “Forest For the Trees,” which definitely deserves another look, as does its “comments” section. On May 3rd, a woman by the name of Aimee Gray posted a comment on The Power Rangers Samurai Times. Ms. Gray was indeed an extra in Power Rangers Samurai, and her post marked the first time anyone from the show had posted here. To call this a milestone event for The Power Rangers Samurai Times would be an understatement, and I’d be lying if I said that we weren’t humbled by Ms. Gray’s presence.

Number Three: Our “Green Ranger” moment came on October 31st when we discovered that Power Rangers Jungle Fury was joining Power Rangers Samurai on NickToons. Yes, the announcement was practically a year late for those who had the promotional “Day of the Dumpster” DVD, but you know what they say; better late than never. The return of classic Power Rangers was big enough to warrent a waiver our usual “‘Samurai’ only” policy, and to cover a season unrelated to “Samurai;” we did the same thing again when a similar announcement was made for Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Number Two: Our “Blue Ranger” moment occurred when we finally got to cover the premiere of Power Rangers Samurai, the first new episode of the show since the 700th and previously final episode aired on ABC Kids in 2009. To see Power Rangers in glorious 1080i hi–definition for the first time was simply amazing, and while “The Team Unites,” is far from the best episode of “Samurai,” let alone the best premiere or best episode of the series, it was a decent starting point that was impressive if only for the fact that it was impressive from a technical standpoint, and unique in the sense that it was different from previous premieres. Sure, it had its flaws, but it was a new episode of Power Rangers, and that was something more than a few of us had begun to miss.

Number One: Our “Red Ranger” moment is the one that still impresses me and humbles me even as I’m typing this. Back on February 2nd, I wrote about the return of Paul Schrier, and his reprisal of the role of Bulk. While I was somewhat surprised by the announcement itself, I was even more surprised by what happened a little over two months after I had written the article. On April 4th, Paul Schrier himself posted a comment on The Power Rangers Samurai Times! I am both greatly honored and humbled to know that Mr. Schrier, or Paulie as he likes to be called, took the time to visit this site. Having had the privilege to meet him while waiting in line for my badge at Power Morphicon 2, I can assure you that he truly cares about his fans, and was having just as much fun in the line as they were. Those of you who may have been standing in line with me at PMC2 already know this, and I can only hope that those of you who weren’t at PMC2 have the chance to meet Paul Schrier should he be able to attend PMC3.

Now with that said, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year again, and to thank our readers for making this little site what it is. As a side note, if anyone has the complete list with the total number of Power Rangers episodes that Paul Schrier directed, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. 2011 was awesome; 2012 is going to be super.