Episode Review: Forest For The Trees

Article By: Joseph Michael Sciola; Contributing Editor

I am going to break from my usual format of ending the review with the grade, and instead start with the grade, and use the review to explain why. I give this this episode a 4, and the big reason of that is with how the monster of the day is introduced. He comes in and does an area of effect attack with produces a rain that causes the people it hits to feel despair. Not once was this attack attempted on the Power Rangers. Why? It seems like such an obvious way for the plot to develop. As it is, it comes across as a Chekhov’s Gun that is never used. It bugged me in the original, and it still bugs me here.

The rest of the episode is up to par with the rest of the season, and a very good reminder of why I consider this to be the most enjoyable season of Power Rangers in some time. The first thing of note this season is a new opening credits sequence. The only real changes to it are the inclusion of the new zords and a credit for Deker, though Ricardo Medina, Jr. is now credited simply as Rick Medina. I didn’t think they would include him in the opening credits with the main cast, so that was a surprise, and quite frankly a welcomed one, as I am seemingly one of the few people that did not mind him in Wild Force.

The plot of this episode is rather straightforward in its approach, and that is of how Mike needed to grow up a little, stemming from his desire to improve himself after being the keeper of the Beetle Disk, and thus having control over the Beetle Zord is given to Mia over him. This comes to a head during a battle with a Nighlok during which he tries to use the disk, nothing happens, allowing the Nighlok to escape. Jii asks Mike to hand over his Samuraizer because of his actions during the fight, and Mike does so, but not before using his symbol power to get Jii entangled in a houseplant.

It is here that the episode goes into a few scenes that I really liked, and seem to be showing that the gears are indeed turning. The first is on the villain’s boat, where Octoroo is going through his collection of books because Deker said something in the last episode that has him wanting to investigate further. He and Dayu talk a little about Deker, and about how there may be more to him than they originally thought.

The second scene at first comes across as the standard Bulk and Spike sub-plot scene, but at its end, it may prove to be very important in the long run. Mike hangs out at the arcade, to blow off some steam, and in another part of the arcade, Bulk and Spike play totally not Dance, Dance Revolution to work on improving Spike’s agility. It is during this, as Mike is leaving, Spike overhears him muttering about his Samuraizer. Spike now knows what one of the Power Rangers sounds like. He chases after Mike, but Mike is able to get away after Jii shows up on a motorcycle, and they go for a ride so they can talk. The scene with Mike and Jii talking in the woods is one of my favorite scenes in the season thus far. If nothing else, it was nice to see Jii live up to his title and actually mentor Mike and help him to learn how to be a better samurai.

This episode is a part of the continual upswing the show has been undergoing ever since its return to Saban. Things are slowly coming together, and to say we are entering an exciting time would be quite an understatement, I think.

Joe’s Rating: 4 out of 5
Alex’s Rating: 5
out of 5
Final Rating:
4.5 out of 5

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3 responses to “Episode Review: Forest For The Trees

  1. Does anyone remember the girl at the bus-stop in this episode who gets really wet after the freak rain storm and cries ‘My hair!! My day is ruined!!’. Well, that was me… and I really would like to see the episode! Problem is I live in NZ and can’t seem to find it online anywhere. Can anyone help?

  2. Alex J. Rosolowsky

    Thanks for stopping by The Power Rangers Samurai Times, Aimee; I’m truly grateful that you took the time to comment here. The quality isn’t the greatest, but you can see your scene in the following link; it’s about four minutes and 15 seconds into the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7quKM6rFvvs

    If you would like to a copy of the full episode, I recommend registering at Rangerboard.com. Once you do so you’ll have full access to their forums, and the ability to find the full episode in HD.

    Also, I just want to touch on one thing for the benefit of everyone reading this blog. I don’t normally give out episode links on The Power Rangers Samurai Times; however, I am willing to make a special exception to this “rule” for cast and crew members. Let me explain my reasoning: If you read the “About the Authors” page, you’ll note that I have some production experience myself. I have a copy of nearly every project that I’ve worked on. (In some cases I don’t just have a copy of the finished project, I also have the camera masters.) There are two short films that I worked on though, which I do not have copies of, and both of those films won awards. There was also an interview I did for the college’s news program, which was shown on cable TV, and which I never got the chance to see. (I was in class when it aired.) My point is that I know how frustrating it can be for a person to not see something that he or she worked on, or to not have a copy of something that he or she worked on. I feel that the least I can do for the cast and crew is to help them see the show that they put so much effort into making, and to that effect, I’m willing to waive my general policy regarding episode links for them.

    Finally Aimee, I actually remember seeing your name in the ending credits of the show, and I hope that you find the link above useful. Let me know if this reply was helpful to you.

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