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2 responses to “Backpage

  1. I have a question. will the power rangers samurai and power rangers jungle fury joun forces for a new season in the future?

  2. Alex J. Rosolowsky

    Joe, in the past I would have told you that the answer to this question would be a firm “no.” However, “Gokaiger”—the most recent season of “Super Sentai,” the show that “Power Rangers” is adapted from—features several members of past teams returning in some capacity, so it’s likely that something similar will be done with “Power Rangers.” Although there will not be a full season team–up, it’s possible that there will be a team–up episode or two. Note that I said it was possible, and not “guaranteed” though. Saban Brands does film their own original footage for each season, (including reworking concepts from “Super Sentai,”) but there’s no guarantee that something like this would be the type of thing that Saban Brands would choose to film. The simple answer is that we really don’t know if Saban Brands would do a “Samurai/Jungle Fury” team–up, but never say never; stranger things have happened.

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