Episode Listings

Premieres February 2, 2013

Episode Titles

Dates in red indicate new episodes on Nickelodeon

The rest of this page will likely remain outdated until I decided whether or not to continue with the schedule for Power Rangers Megaforce.

Satellite Channel Numbers

Nickelodeon: DirecTV Channel 299 (East)
Nickelodeon: DirecTV Channel 300 (West)
Nickelodeon: DiSH Network Channel 170 (East)
Nickelodeon: DiSH Network Channel 171 (West)
NickToons: DirecTV Channel 302
NickToons: DiSH Network Channel 178

All listings are for the Eastern and Pacific time zones. Viewers in the Central and Mountain time zones should subtract one hour from any quoted time for accurate listings. East-coast satellite feeds are available in HD; cable subscribers should check their providers’ local listings to find channel numbers. Video-On-Demand varies by cable and satellite providers; check your local listings to find VOD channel numbers and scheduling.

Titles with unknown airdates should be treated as tentative, and although it’s unlikely that they will change, it isn’t entirely unheard of. Furthermore, Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai are being treated as separate seasons with Power Rangers Super Samurai effectively serving as “Power Rangers Samurai – Season Two;” “Super Samurai” carried an episode number of 201, much the way that “The Team Unites” carried an episode number of 101.

Due to a last–minute scheduling change in October, all air dates should be considered tentative. New episodes of Power Rangers Super Samurai are cablecast regularly at 1:00P.M. Eastern and Pacific time on Saturdays on Nickelodeon. Additional encore showings occur at 8:00A.M. Sundays on Nickelodeon, and at various dates and times on NickToons; all times Eastern unless otherwise noted.

Major credit goes to BurgandyRanger of Power Rangers On-Air Central (PROAC,) who admittedly has the most accurate and up-to-date scheduling information. If this page, or any other conflicts with PROAC, I recommend following PROAC over other sources, including this one. Furthermore, you can find ratings as well as NickToons scheduling information via PROAC; at present we will not be covering it due to the unpredictable nature of NickToons’ schedules.

Known Changes to Episode Titles

Depending on feedback from our readers, this may actually get its own section, but for the time being it will reside in the schedule. Below is a list of known Power Rangers Samurai episodes with final titles that differ from their original working titles. Episodes of Power Rangers Super Samurai will join this list should any of them also have changes made to their final titles.

“Final Title”“Working Title”
“Origins – Part 1”“Call of the Red Ranger”
“Origins – Part 2”“Rise of the Megazord”
“Team Spirit”“Team Support”

3 responses to “Schedule

  1. this season is boring i expect better look at the ranger in ninja storm to this

  2. Anyone knows when the new episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai will be showing for my nephew on Direct tv I live in Texas in a small town called Sinton I even ask my direct tv customer service and they didn’t even know.

    • Alex J. Rosolowsky

      Joe, apparently no one seems to know when the next episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai will be cablecast in the United States. (I’m not sure if this has changed yet, but at the beginning of the month, the people who put together the schedules at Nickelodeon weren’t even sure of when they’d resume cablecasting new episodes of “Super Samurai.”)

      Let me be clear, the episodes themselves are ready to be shown; at least one Spanish–speaking country is down to no more than the final three episodes, and they may have finished all of them by now. (Don’t quote me on this, but I think the country was Brazil, however I’m not 100% sure.) Furthermore, these episodes were shown with an English language track, much the way many American shows include a Spanish language track, so it’s not like the Spanish audio was ready before the English audio or anything; Nick just hasn’t figured out their schedule yet.

      I will continue to keep an eye on the return of new episodes, but my best advice for everyone would be to just to treat every week as a possible week for the show to return. Unless Nickelodeon announces something, there’s a good chance that “Super Samurai’s” return will indeed be an abrupt one.

      Finally, for future reference, you probably should avoid asking your DirecTV customer service about scheduling. DirecTV and other content providers pull their electronic program guides from other sources such as TVGuide or Zap2It, who in turn get their guides from Nickelodeon’s public relations department. Nickelodeon’s official answer to this question has been “late Summer,” but they’ve officially missed that deadline by two days now. (Autumn began on September 22nd.)

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