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Three Sneak Peaks of “Power Rangers Samurai” on Thanksgiving Weekend

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Power Rangers On-Air Central reports that NickToons will show three sneak peaks of Power Rangers Samurai during Thanksgiving weekend. The sneak peaks will air as part of the channel’s All-Heroes Weekend, and each will only be a few minutes long.

The first sneak peak will air on Thursday, November 25th at 9:00P.M., the second will air on Saturday, November 27th right before or just at 10:00P.M., and the last will air on Sunday, November 28th at 9:ooA.M. It is unknown at this point whether these are three unique sneak peaks, or the same sneak peak shown three times.

At present, this will be the last bit of Power Rangers footage to be shown this year; reruns of past seasons were previously scheduled to debut on NickToons in October, but the official Power Rangers Facebook page recently reported that those reruns would begin sometime next year.

“Power Rangers Samurai” Toy Line Revealed

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Big Bad Toy Store is now taking pre-orders for the Power Rangers Samurai toy line. It’s worth noting that the names of some of the toys aren’t final, and that Big Bad Toy Store is using a Power Rangers Samurai stock photo for all items at this time. Nevertheless, Big Bad Toy Store has been a credible source for upcoming toy releases in the past, and has offered some detailed item descriptions.

Of note is the continued presence of a 4″ line introduced earlier this year for the new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers figures, as well as new 6.5″ line, and a 10″ battlized Red Ranger figure. A DX Megazord will also be released alongside a new morpher.

Official “Power Rangers” Facebook Page Goes Live; New Promo Art Released

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Rangerboard reports that the official Power Rangers Facebook page is now online. With the launch of the Facebook page comes new promotional artwork found here which reads “40 new episodes” on the first line of text, and “coming 2011” on the second line of text.

Previously, there had been some discrepancy regarding the episode count; early press releases stated that the new season would consist of “20 new episodes,” followed by further press releases stating that the season would consist of “40 new episodes.” At Power Morphicon 2 Tony Oliver, a freelance writer for Power Rangers Samurai, with ties to the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, attempted to clarify the inconsistencies in the press releases. Mr. Oliver noted that Nickelodeon had picked up “20 episodes no matter what,” and that an additional 20 episodes would be produced “if the show did well,” adding that Power Rangers only had to do as well as it was doing a few years ago in the ratings for all 40 episodes to be produced.

Shortly after Mr. Oliver’s comments at Power Morphicon, an interview in Variety magazine noted that Saban Brands intended to keep the Samurai theme for two years, raising speculation that 20 episodes would air in 2011, and the additional 20 episodes would air in 2012.

Although the new promotional art should help put an end to the discrepancy surrounding the episode count, it’s worth noting that Power Rangers Samurai is still in the pre-production and production stages. As a result, information regarding the show’s total episode count should be considered subject to change, and treated the same way that information regarding pre-production or production of any other show would be treated.

Rene Naufahu Returns to “Power Rangers” [Updated]

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

At Power Morphicon 2, Tony Oliver told fans to quote “expect some big surprises,” the first of which may have just been revealed. According to Henshin Justice Unlimited, Wikipedia, and Rangercrew, Rene Naufahu will be returning to the Power Rangers franchise. Mr. Naufahu previously appeared on Power Rangers S.P.D. as the super villain Emperor Gruumm.

According to a confirmed cast listing, Mr. Naufahu will play the team’s mentor in Power Rangers Samurai. Also of note is a tentative name for the mentor himself, Takeru, which is a nod to Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, the series from which Power Rangers Samurai will be adapted.

It’s worth noting however, that this is not the first time that a recurring cast member from a previous season returned to play a different character. Barnie Duncan, “Piggy,” on Power Rangers S.P.D. went on to play record store owner “Toby” one season later on Power Rangers Mystic Force. Kelson Henderson’s first recurring role in the series was “Boom,” also of Power Rangers S.P.D. Mr. Henderson would go on to play the additional recurring roles of Power Rangers Mystic Force‘s “Phineas,” and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive‘s misguided Yeti, “Norg.” Similarly, Katrine Divine first appeared in Power Rangers Ninja Storm as the villian “Marah,” and returned the next season as “Cassidy,” on Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Mr. Naufahu’s return will mark the first time that one season’s super villain will be returning as another season’s mentor.

Outside of his role on Power Rangers, Mr. Naufahu’s previous acting credits include the role of the “Zion Gate Operator” in The Matrix Trilogy, and “Paramedic Sam Aleni” in the New Zealand soap opera, Shortland Street, among others. In addition to acting, Mr. Naufahu also co-wrote and directed the 13-episode drama series The Market.

Finally, while Mr. Naufahu’s return to Power Rangers has been confirmed, it should be reiterated that “Takeru” is a tentative name for his character, is unconfirmed, and may or may not change before the series premieres. Nevertheless, The Power Rangers Samurai Times is publishing the story given the potential significance of the character’s name, and the significance of the return of Mr. Naufahu.

UPDATE: The promo that was shown on NickToons and Yahoo! Kids effectively confirms that Mr. Naufahu will definitely be returning; whether or not his character will indeed be named Takeru is still unknown. This story will be updated if and when additional information becomes available.

Bug Music Acquires Worldwide Rights to Saban Music Group’s Publishing Catalog

Source: Business Wire via Rangerboard; corroborated by Marketwatch

Acquisition Spans Global Television, Film and Music Franchise Properties

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bug Music, Inc. (“Bug Music”), one of the world’s largest independent music publishers, and Saban Capital Group, Inc. (“SCG”), a private investment firm specializing in the media, entertainment and communications industries, announced today that Bug Music has acquired the worldwide rights to the Saban Music Group’s (“SMG”) extensive music publishing catalog.

“Bug is focused on opportunities that provide growth for the company, as well as best practices for our film and TV clients across the world”

With this transaction, Bug Music will control the worldwide rights to SMG’s complete music library and further the company’s strategy of acquiring high-profile music copyrights licensable across multiple media platforms, while strengthening its core assets and processes in the worldwide television and film markets. The extensive purchased catalog includes material from leading children’s franchises such as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers™, Digimon™, The Addams Family™ Reunion, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Generation, Princess Sissi and Walter Melon properties, and encompasses a slate of theme songs, cues and scores from more than 90 television series, 3,700 television episodes and 100 made-for-television films and specials.

Following Saban Capital Group, Inc.’s (SMG’s parent company) recent acquisition of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers™ property, Bug Music sees significant growth opportunities in the newly acquired catalog.

“Bug is focused on opportunities that provide growth for the company, as well as best practices for our film and TV clients across the world,” John Rudolph, CEO of Bug Music, said. “This deal falls in line with our goals and will benefit our clients in real returns. The excellent work of the Saban team in managing the catalog and completing the deal has made the transition seamless.”

”We are delighted that we have found the ideal home for our music library,” commented Fred Gluckman, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. “We are particularly excited by the abilities of John and his team to enhance the value of the catalog as part of their growing platform of assets.”

SMG was created to acquire and develop properties in the music publishing and television music copyrights sectors, building on the television catalog originated by Haim Saban’s days as the producer of the Power Rangers, Spiderman and many other hit children’s properties.

About Bug Music:

The largest US independent contemporary music publisher and #99 on the 2009 Inc 500, boasting the most significant songwriters of today (Kara Dioguardi, Kings of Leon, Bruno Mars, Three Six Mafia, Gordie Sampson, Lucas Secon, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Grizzly Bear, Pete Townshend, Paul Westerberg among others), the past (Johnny Cash, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Woody Guthrie, Townes Van Zandt and Stevie Ray Vaughan) and the classics such as “What a Wonderful World,” “Fever” and “Happy Together,” Bug Music’s reputation, across its eight offices in the US and Europe in all genres, as a writer/artist-oriented music company and trusted counsel of legendary estates and current artists is unrivaled.

About Saban Capital Group:

Saban Capital Group (“SCG”) is a leading private investment firm based in Los Angeles specializing in the media, entertainment and communications industries. Established in 2001 by Haim Saban, the firm makes both controlling and minority investments in public and private companies and takes an active role in its portfolio companies. SCG’s current private equity investments include Univision (the premier Spanish-language media company in the US) and Tiger Gate Entertainment (a joint venture with Lionsgate to operate branded pay television channels across Asia). Saban Brands LLC, an affiliate of SCG, was formed in 2010 to acquire, manage and license entertainment properties and consumer brands across media and consumer platforms globally, and currently holds the rights to Power Rangers and Paul Frank Industries in its portfolio. In addition, SCG actively manages a globally diversified portfolio of investments across public equities, credit, alternative investments, and real property assets. For more information, please visit

Saban Reacquires “Power Rangers” Brand

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

The New York Times reports via Rangerboard that Haim Saban has reacquired the Power Rangers brand.

“Power Rangers” was most prominent in the mid-1990s, when it was shown on Fox, but it has remained in production ever since, and an 18th season is in development now. That season will have its debut on Nickelodeon in the first quarter of 2011, the channel said. The companies did not disclose the financial terms of the multiyear deal.

In addition to the 18th season, reruns of the current 700 episode library are slated to begin on NickToons later this year. Saban noted that he felt that Disney did “did not develop the property and exploit it in the way that it deserves.”

After this news first broke back in May, the following information was also released:

  1. The new season is to be called Power Rangers Samurai
  2. Power Rangers Samurai will be the first 40 episode season since Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002
  3. Johnathan Tzachor (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers—Power Rangers Wild Force) will return as the show’s producer, Iris Hampton (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers—Power Rangers Wild Force) will cast the new series, and Tony Oliver (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers—Power Rangers Turbo) will be writing several episodes for the new series
  4. At Power Morphicon 2 Mr. Oliver confirmed that “20 episodes are guaranteed,” and that if the show does well, an additional 20 episodes will be produced, clarifying an earlier dispute over the episode count
  5. Mr. Oliver also noted confirmed that this season will stay close to its Japanese counterpart, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, adding that fans should “expect surprises”
  6. The new season will be shot using RED ONE digital cinema cameras equipped with the company’s new M-X sensors; these are the same cameras that were used for Shinkenger, and are used to film shows like ER and films such as District 9