“Power Rangers Samurai” bulks up with Paul Schrier

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Rangerboard and IGN are now reporting that fan–favorite actor Paul Schrier will be reprising his role of Farkus “Bulk” Bulkmier for Power Rangers Samurai. According to IGN, “Schrier will appear in the premiere episode of Samurai — airing on Monday, February 7th at 8pm on Nickelodeon — and then make guest appearances throughout the series.”

In addition to the IGN article, Saban Brands has posted the following video on the official Power Rangers YouTube page, simply titled “Bulk is Back!”

Bulk is Back!

Paul Schrier is no stranger to Power Rangers, having first portrayed the character of Bulk in the shows original pilot episode. (The episode was later condensed and aired as part of the “Lost Episode” special in 1999.) Since then, Schrier’s “Bulk” character has become a favorite among fans, and has been depicted as many things, including a high school bully, a law enforcement figure, and a UFO conspiracy theorist to name a few. Schrier himself has also directed two episodes of the Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers mini–series, “Attack of the 60′ Bulk,” coincidentally the show’s 150th episode, and “Water you thinking?” In addition to directing, Mr. Schrier also voiced the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue villian Infinitor, and the Power Rangers Time Force villian Severax, making him the only actor to appear on the show in some form for ten consecutive seasons, and nine consecutive years.

3 responses to ““Power Rangers Samurai” bulks up with Paul Schrier

  1. Well said. Directed more than two, though…you gotta love the Samurai thing. The kids are rockin’ it. Peace. P

  2. Alex J. Rosolowsky

    Wow, this comment is certainly a pleasant surprise; thanks Paulie! Also, I apologize for the error in regards to the number of episodes that you directed. (I could only find two where you were credited as director, sorry.)

    Power Rangers Samurai has been awesome so far, and your right; the kids are absolutely having a blast with it. (It’s nice to see children actually picking up Power Rangers toys in the local toy aisles again.)

    Come to think of it, I’ve been having a blast with the show as well; it looks absolutely beautiful in HD, the cinematography is superb, and the season is incredibly fun.

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