July 31, 2012:
NickToons Takes Time for “Power Rangers Time Force”
July 31, 2012:
The Holidays Come Early with Two More “Power Rangers Samurai” DVDs from Lionsgate
May 9, 2012:
“Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” – “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy” DVD Box Set, Release Date, More Confirmed
April 14, 2012:
More Slices of “Samurai” News
March 23, 2012:
Slices of “Samurai” News
March 22, 2012:
Lionsgate to Bring “Power Rangers Samurai” to DVD
March 12, 2012:
At Long Last, Region–1 “Power Rangers” DVD Box Sets Coming From Shout! Factory, “Samurai” Nonwithstanding
February 15, 2012:
Samurai Gets Super with Season 19, as Nickelodeon and Bandai Confirm Continued Support for the Series
December 27, 2011:

“Power Rangers” Gets Prehistoric on NickToons with “Dino Thunder”
November 18, 2011:
“Clash of the Red Rangers” To Premiere Over Thanksgiving Weekend
October 31, 2011:
“Jungle Fury” to Join “Samurai” on Nicktoons
October 31, 2011:

Season Two Goes Super with Title “Power Rangers Super Samurai”
September 28, 2011:
Three “Samurai” Specials Announced; RPM Team-Up
September 16, 2011:
This October “Power Rangers Samurai” Launches New Episodes on Nickelodeon
August 28, 2011:
“Power Rangers Samurai” Fall Action Figures Hit Shelves
August 28, 2011:
Power Morphicon 3 Powers Up with Pre–Registration Annnouncement
August 28, 2011:
Happy 18th Birthday “Power Rangers!”
June 15, 2o11:
Saban Brands At Licensing Expo This Week With “Mind–Blowing” Announcement Related To “Power Rangers”
June 15, 2011:
Namco Bandai America Inc. Announces “Power Rangers Samurai” For Nintendo Systems
June 15, 2011:
NetFlix Powers Up With Instant Streaming Of Every “Power Rangers” Episode Today
June 6, 2011:
“Power Rangers Samurai” To Appear At E3
May 4, 2011:
Scheduling Switches, International Airdates, and Tentative Titles, Oh My!
March 19, 2011:
“Power Rangers Samurai” Fall Toyline Revealed
March 19, 2011:
Ricardo Medina Jr. Returns to “Power Rangers”
February 2, 2011:
“Power Rangers Samurai” bulks up with Paul Schrier
January 29, 2011:
Official “Power Rangers” Website Becomes emPowered
January 26, 2011:
Blue, Yellow, and Green Ranger Promos Released; Official Webpage and Facebook Sites Updated
January 9, 2011:
New “Power Rangers Samurai” Promos Surface
January 2, 2011:
“Power Rangers Samurai” Premiere Date/Time Announced
January 1, 2011:
“Power Rangers Samurai” Toys Begin Making Their Way Across the Nation
December 26, 2010:
Two New “Power Rangers Samurai” Promos and Nick’s Video-On-Demand Premiere Date
November 26, 2010:
“Power Rangers Samurai” Promo and Tentative Premiere Date Now Available
November 22, 2010:
“Power Rangers Samurai” Promos on Nickelodeon and NickToons This Week
November 2, 2010:
Disney Lead to Believe “Power Rangers” Destined for “The Hub,” not “Nickelodeon;” Episode Count In Dispute Once More
October 29, 2010:
Three Sneak Peaks of “Power Rangers Samurai” on Thanksgiving Weekend
October 27, 2010:
“Power Rangers Samurai” Toy Line Revealed
October 26, 2010:
Official “Power Rangers” Facebook Page Goes Live; New Promo Art Released
October 10, 2010:
Rene Naufahu Returns to “Power Rangers”
October 5, 2010:

Saban Reacquires “Power Rangers” Brand