About The Authors

Alex J. Rosolowsky
Founder, Owner, Editor-in-Chief

Alex J. Rosolowsky is a die-hard sci-fi fan from the state of New Jersey; he was introduced to Power Rangers during the summer hiatus of the show’s first season, but really became a fan of the series with the premiere of Power Rangers Zeo. Alex’s hobbies include obscure (and not-so-obscure) computer and video games, computer repair, (especially Apple computer repair,) video restoration, and Gundam model kits among other geeky things. Heavily influenced by Star Trek and Power Rangers, Alex studied TV Production in college; he holds an A.A.S. in TV production from Mercer County Community College, a B.A. in Radio/TV production from Rider University, and graduated from both schools with high honors. When he’s not working on The Power Rangers Samurai Times, Alex is currently seeking employment in the field of television production; his first short film can be seen here.

Joseph Michael Sciola
Contributing Editor

Joseph Michael Sciola is a lifelong superhero fan who has always dreamed about  writing about them. He has used this passion as a driving force in his writing, as a good deal of his original fiction  has elements of the superhero genre in one form or another. His short film How To Destroy A Superhero is currently in production. He can be seen and heard as one half of the hosting duo at Geek Heaven Video Podcasts, which can be found at http://geekheavenpodcasts.blogspot.com/.

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