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Two New “Power Rangers Samurai” Promos and Nick’s Video-On-Demand Premiere Date

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Reader James Spiring has informed us that a second Power Rangers Samurai promo is now being shown on Nick, but that’s just the start of the post-Christmas news. The promo is available below, and our thanks goes to James Spiring for pointing this out.

Power Rangers Samurai Promo 2 (Nickelodeon)

Power Rangers On-Air Central also reports on a third promo, this time being shown in 1080i HD making the rounds on Nickelodeon. You can view that promo below as well.

Power Rangers Samurai Promo 3 (Nickelodeon)

This ain’t just some promo with slickly edited images, it’s a full scene featuring what appears to be the team’s first morph, a hint at the theme, and a good amount of hand-to-hand combat. Why should I keep explaining what’s in it when you can watch it?—Power Rangers On-Air Central

The next bit of news though concerns the Nickelodeon video-on-demand schedule. According to Power Rangers On-Air Central, “Power Rangers” will be available on Nickelodeon on-demand starting on Tuesday February 8, 2011. Unfortunately, the schedule only refers to the show as Power Rangers, so it’s unknown whether this will be a general offering of various Power Rangers episodes, or if this is Power Rangers Samurai‘s video-on-demand premiere date. It’s worth noting that BurgandyRanger pointed out that the Tuesday video-on-demand date highly suggests a Saturday February 5, 2011 series premiere date, if the video-on-demand premiere is indeed “Samurai” related. As always, we’ll continue to follow this story and all things Power Rangers Samurai related, and will keep you posted.

Finally, it’s worth noting that video-on-demand schedules vary among cable and satellite providers, so be sure to check your electronic program guides to see if your video-on-demand premiere date is the same as the “official” one. Some providers may not even offer Power Rangers on-demand, so just be aware of that ahead of time.

Note: Although the third promo is cablecast in 1080i HD, it may not be encoded in 1080i HD; there are technical reasons for this that I won’t bore you with.