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Scheduling Switches, International Airdates, and Tentative Titles, Oh My!

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Power Rangers On-Air Central now confirms that Nickelodeon has indeed switched up their schedules. New episodes will air on Saturdays at noon now, and reruns will be shown on Sundays at noon. Although this was initially believed to be a one–time thing for Saturday April 30, 2011, it now appears to be a permanent change to the schedule.

I would also like to take this time to apologize for an error. Initially, we reported that the episode on the 30th would be Room For One More, when it was actually Unexpected Arrival. The staff of The Power Rangers Samurai Times apologizes for this error. Room For One More will premiere this Saturday, per the schedule change noted above, so adjust your recording device of choice accordingly, if you haven’t done so already.

There is also scheduling information for our international readers to report on today. The official Power Rangers website, has been updated with international scheduling information for Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. Canadian viewers can catch Power Rangers Samurai every week on Nick Canada. Viewers in the UK can catch the premiere on May 7, 2011. New episodes will be shown Saturdays at 9:30A.M., with encore presentations on Sundays at 9:30A.M. and 4:30P.M. Additional episodes will be shown at 9:00A.M. on weekdays during school half terms. Furthermore, French viewers will be able to watch Power Rangers Samurai on Canal J “multiple times a week.” No French premiere date has been provided yet.

Finally, in addition to the scheduling information, we may have seen the announcement of the first Power Rangers Samurai episode to have a tentative, or “working title” that differs from the final title of the episode. Working titles are non-final titles given to movies, TV shows, and even episodes of TV shows while they are in production until a final title is agreed upon. The 14th episode of Power Rangers Samurai has been referred to as both Team Spirit, and Team Support, and it’s likely that one of those two titles was the working title for the episode. This wouldn’t be the first time a Power Rangers episode has had a final title that differed from the working title; Power Rangers Ninja Storm had several episodes with title changes, including Snip It, Snip It Good, and Nowhere to Grow. Likewise, one title that was considered for the series Power Rangers Time Force was Power Rangers Time Warp. This likely won’t effect the actual episode, but it’s worth noting, because so far every title that has been announced for Samurai has ultimately been the final title.