NickToons Takes Time for “Power Rangers Time Force”

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Rangerboard reports that NickToons has announced their next season of Power Rangers. Starting on August 17th, NickToons will be taking time for Power Rangers Time Force as they kick off their Mega Morphenomenon. At present, it is unknown whether or not the Mega Morphenomenon is a rebranded Morphenomenon, or if it is a different type of marathon that will include additional seasons. Furthermore, we currently have no idea what version of Power Rangers Time Force will be shown on NickToons.

Several episodes were altered after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and many episodes of this particular season have not been presented in their original format since then. (Fans colloquially refer to these episodes as “the pre–9/11 version” of the show.) When “Time Force” went into reruns, Disney ran altered episodes that had been modified to comply with broadcast standards, which went into affect after the aforementioned attacks. (Fans unsurprisingly refer to these episodes as “the post–9/11 version” of the show.”) Further complicating matters, the version of this season that’s currently on Netflix is actually a hodgepodge of “pre–9/11” and “post–9/11” episodes, as well as some hybrid cuts combining the post–9/11 opening with pre–9/11 footage, and in some cases even introducing alternate shots that were previously unseen.

Obviously the original cuts are preferable to any others, but we simply don’t know what NickToons has been provided with. For those who are curious about the differences between each version of the episodes, Rangerboard’s AFPR–DragonRanger put together these episode comparisons. The Mega Morphenomenon will take place during the same time as Power Morphicon, so fans in attendance of the convention will likely be unable to see the Mega Morphenomenon barring the use of a recording device for time–shifting.

The Mega Morphenomenon featuring “Time Force,” will be the fourth Morphenomenon to date; so far NickToons has shown “Jungle Fury,” “Dino Thunder,” and “Ninja Storm” in that order. When “Lost Galaxy” comes to Vortexx this fall, seasons 16, 12, 11, nine, and seven will have had some form of TV presence within the past year. For those who are eagerly awaiting this fan–favorite season’s NickToons debut, Rangercrew’s Samuraicast has posted the following promo for the Mega Morphenomenon.

Mega Morphenomenon Promo

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