Lionsgate to Bring “Power Rangers Samurai” to Region–1 DVD

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Shout! Factory would be bringing Mighty Morphin’ Power RangersPower Rangers RPM to DVD, comes today’s announcement that Lionsgate Entertainment will be handling the DVD releases of Power Rangers Samurai, and presumably Power Rangers Super Samurai. According to TVShowsonDVD, Lionsgate will begin releasing individual DVD volumes of Power Rangers Samurai on June 19th. Each disc will be presented in its original widescreen aspect ratio, and will feature Dolby 5.1 digital audio as well as closed captioning; the DVDs will retail for $14.98 per Volume.

Last year, Village Roadshow began to release Power Rangers Samurai on DVD in Australia. At the time, both Saban Brands and Village Roadshow remained curiously silent regarding a Region–1 release for the United States and Canada, leading fans to speculate that a different company may have picked up the North American DVD distribution rights. Lionsgate’s announcement makes it rather clear that this is indeed the case, and that Power Rangers Samurai is not only being handled differently than its predecessors in terms of home media distribution, but that it’s being handled differently by region. Although the first volume of Power Rangers Samurai is entitled The Team Unites in both the United States and Australia, the Australian DVD release contains six episodes of the show, while the American DVD release will only contain approximately 92 minutes worth of footage, or about four episodes of the show. Furthermore, the American and Australian titles for volume two are significantly different from one another; in America, volume two will be known as A New Enemy, while in Australia, volume two is known as Room for One More.

At present, it is unknown whether or not Lionsgate will be releasing Blu–Ray discs to accompany the officially announced DVDs. Furthermore, no official announcements have been made regarding whether or not box sets of Power Rangers Samurai are in the works, nor have any official announcements been made regarding Region–2 DVD releases. For now, readers should head on over to TVShowsonDVD to get a glimpse of the cover art for Lionsgate’s first two volumes of Power Rangers Samurai.

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