Samurai Gets Super with Season 19, as Nickelodeon and Bandai Confirm Continued Support for the Series

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

It is now possible to say with certainty that Power Rangers Super Samurai will indeed be treated as a new season, rather than as merely the second half of Power Rangers Samurai. Over the past few months, speculation surrounded Power Rangers Super Samurai and its exact status as a season, but with recent promos such as the one below, it’s pretty hard to deny that Power Rangers Super Samurai is the show’s 19th season.

The full screen graphic at the end of the video blatantly promotes Power Rangers Super Samurai as a brand new season premiering this Saturday. Additionally, Nick has assigned this Saturday’s episode, simply titled “Super Samurai,” an episode number of “201.” Furthermore, Elie Dekel of Saban Brands specifically referred to 2013 as the 20th Anniversary of the series at this week’s New York Toy Fair. This echos previous statements from casting director Iris Hampton that the 20th Season would occur in 2013.

In addition to the upcoming premiere of Power Rangers Super Samurai, we also received several additional pieces of Power Rangers related news at New York Toy Fair. For starters Alex Heartman and Erika Fong, who portray Jayden and Mia respectively, were in attendance at this year’s Toy Fair dressed in their Ranger Costumes. Several new toys that have yet to be released, including an updated Samuraizer were on display at the exhibition, which is held annually in New York City. Equally impressive though was the revelation of a series–wide 20th Anniversary logo hanging above a giant Red Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger statue. Topping it all off was confirmation that Nickelodeon will have Power Rangers through 2014 at the very least, so fans should be able to look forward to a minimum of two more seasons. It’s clear that Saban Brands is looking ahead to next year, even as Power Rangers Super Samurai is about to premiere.

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