Season Two Goes Super with Title “Power Rangers Super Samurai”

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

According to The Licensing Book Fall 2011, Power Rangers Samurai will not only be counted as two separate seasons, but as  two separate seasons with two slightly different names. On page 17 of The Licensing Book, Kirk Bloomgarden is quoted as saying,

In the Samurai theme, there’s the initial 20 episodes, and then there’s Super Samurai, which is the further 20 [episodes].

Mr. Bloomgarden goes on to talk about the Power Rangers Samurai specials, but the use of the term “Super Samurai” to describe the second half of Power Rangers Samurai should remove any remaining doubt that the Samurai theme will be kept for two years, and that the second half of the show will be treated as a second season.

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