This October “Power Rangers Samurai” Launches New Episodes on Nickelodeon

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Today, Saban Brands officially began announcing that new episodes of Power Rangers Samurai would begin on October 1, 2011. Earlier today, an official Saban Brands spokesperson posted the following quote on Rangerboard, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

Are you ready for new episodes? Power Rangers Samurai returns with new episodes Saturday Oct. 1st at 12n/11c only on Nickelodeon!

The comment went on to note that new episodes would continue to premiere for five consecutive weeks. Furthermore, tentative titles for four of those five episodes were previously reported by Power Rangers On–Air Central, with the fifth episode still unnamed. At this point in time, it’s also worth pointing out that there are five Saturdays in the month of October this year, which may have played a role in Nickelodeon’s scheduling decision. Additionally, it should be noted that once the five new episodes are shown, there will only be 19 new episodes of Power Rangers Samurai left; 22 (new episodes) if the total episode count is 43.

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