Namco Bandai America Inc. Announces “Power Rangers Samurai” For Nintendo Systems

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

As we reported last week, Namco Bandai Games Inc. announced two new Power Rangers Samurai games, both for Nintendo® systems. Handheld owners will be able to purchase Power Rangers Samurai for the Nintendo DS sometime in the latter part of the year. Likewise, console owners will be able to purchase Power Rangers Samurai for the Nintendo Wii in the latter portion of the year. The trailer for the game can be viewed below:

Power Rangers Samurai for the Nintendo Wii

Of course, the truly impatient (myself included) may preorder the game right now for $39.99 from GameStop or one of its affiliates, (e.g. EBGames,) and either have it delivered to their home, or pick it up in–store when it’s released. Although GameStop currently lists a September 1st release date for the game, this may or may not be the actual, final release date. In order for companies to solicit preorders, they’re required to list a release date; it doesn’t have to be an accurate release date though. GameStop is known for making up release dates in order to solicit preorders, so do not accept their release date as “official” until you hear another credible source mention the same release date. As a case-in-point example of Gamestop being horribly inaccurate with their release dates, let me point to my preorder of Mortal Kombat for the Xbox 360. Gamestop initially listed a release date of December 31, 2011; they maintained this release date until the official release date was announced, and then promptly corrected their release date, and shipped my game on schedule. This inaccuracy is more of a nuisance then a problem, but it should be kept in mind when preordering a game for a time–sensitive event, such as a person’s birthday.

The Power Rangers Samurai games look very similar to Power Rangers games of the past, so if you didn’t like them, you probably won’t like these. One notable aspect of the games though are the way that they utilize the stylus with the DS, and the Wii Remote with the Wii. The Samurai Symbols (Kanji) will have to be drawn as part of the game, presumably for the Rangers to morph. On the DS, the stylus will be used to draw the symbols onto the touch screen. With the Wii version of the game, the Wii remote will be used to “draw” the symbols in the air, just as the Rangers “draw” the symbols in the air with their Samuraizers.

Finally it’s worth noting that the Gold Ranger will not appear in the game, and that the handheld version is a DS title rather then a 3DS title. While I’m unsure of the exact reason or reasons for excluding the Gold Ranger, my guess would be that it was a result of the game’s development schedule. Likewise, I would say that one reason the game isn’t being made for the 3DS is the same reason it’s not being released for the Wii U: Just as the Wii U is too new for a Power Rangers Samurai game, (it won’t be out until after April 2012,) the 3DS is too new for a Power Rangers Samurai game. More people own a DS then a 3DS and Namco Bandai America Inc. know this. (3DS owners can still play DS games on their system.) Of course, it’s still possible that Namco Bandai America Inc. will announce a Power Rangers Samurai 3DS game at some point in the future; when the Game Boy Advance was new, THQ released a Power Rangers Time Force game for the Game Boy Color, followed by a second game for the Game Boy Advance. While it’s possible that Namco Bandai America Inc. could do something similar, it’s also highly implausible. For now, Power Rangers fans will have to make do with the Wii, DS, and iOS devices if they want a Power Rangers Samurai game. (And if you think about it, those are quite a few platforms that you should be able to play Power Rangers Samurai games on.)

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