Ricardo Medina Jr. Returns to “Power Rangers”

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Those who’ve watched the two most recent episodes of Power Rangers Samurai may have noticed a familiar voice behind one of the villains. Ricardo Medina Jr., (A.K.A. Rick Medina Jr.,) best known to Power Rangers fans for his role as Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Power Ranger, has returned to voice the evil Nighlok Deker.

Last year, what were reportedly leaked photos of behind the scenes footage from Power Rangers Samurai surfaced on the internet. Some of these photos appeared to depict a person who might have been Mr. Medina. However, after carefully examining the photos, it was determined that they might have been doctored. Similarly, a Facebook page reportedly belonging to Mr. Medina, also had its validity called into question. As a result of these two events, and Mr. Medina’s past comments regarding Power Rangers as a whole, The Power Rangers Samurai Times chose to avoid all rumors pertaining to Mr. Medina’s return.

As noted above, Mr. Medina has not always been on good terms with the Power Rangers franchise; after Power Rangers Wild Force concluded in 2002, Mr. Medina attempted to distance himself from his role as the Red Ranger. Tensions between Mr. Medina and his former co-workers have been well documented as well, with many of the aforementioned cast and crew–members describing him as difficult to work with. Given Mr. Medina’s prior experience with the Power Rangers franchise, his return may come as somewhat of a surprise to many older fans.

Mr. Medina’s new role on Power Rangers Samurai is quite different from his previous role on Power Rangers Wild Force; Cole Evans was the lead protagonist in “Wild Force,” while Deker is one of the major antagonists in “Samurai.” Ricardo Medina Jr. isn’t the only actor to return to Power Rangers this season in a different capacity then in the past; Rene Naufahu who previously portrayed super-villain Emperor Grumm in Power Rangers S.P.D. also returned to the show to portray Ranger ally Mentor–Ji in “Samurai.”

7 responses to “Ricardo Medina Jr. Returns to “Power Rangers”

  1. charlotte a palmer

    I don’t care what terms Rick Medina was on with the show,or the bad rumors curculated about him! I like him ALOT & am glad he’s back on Power Rangers Samurai as Deker!! Will eagerly await/enjoy every episode!!

  2. charlotte a palmer

    I encourage all Rick Medina fans to show their support by watching PR Samurai & contacting him on his Facebook page!!

  3. charlotte a palmer

    Please show the above responses to anyone who wants to see them! & my e-mail address as well!!!

  4. Alex J. Rosolowsky

    Charlotte, as a rule of thumb, I generally don’t reveal e-mail addresses, sorry. If you have a WordPress account though, I believe there is a way for you to make it so that your e-mail address will appear when you post a comment, although I highly advise against the use of such a setting.

    I too am glad to see Mr. Medina return to the show; I think his acting has improved, and Deker is definitely shaping up to be an excellent villain.

  5. Ricardo should become a rangers again. Preferably a green rangers!

  6. he so far is my favroite actor he is awsome beacause i saw every power ranger show hes ever made i love how he was cole eavens on power rangers wild force i want him to make more power rangers wild force epasodes.

  7. can anybody get in touch whith the creator haim saban and tell him to create at least one or two more episodes of power ranger super samurai

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