Official “Power Rangers” Facebook Page Goes Live; New Promo Art Released

Article By: Alex J. Rosolowsky

Rangerboard reports that the official Power Rangers Facebook page is now online. With the launch of the Facebook page comes new promotional artwork found here which reads “40 new episodes” on the first line of text, and “coming 2011” on the second line of text.

Previously, there had been some discrepancy regarding the episode count; early press releases stated that the new season would consist of “20 new episodes,” followed by further press releases stating that the season would consist of “40 new episodes.” At Power Morphicon 2 Tony Oliver, a freelance writer for Power Rangers Samurai, with ties to the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, attempted to clarify the inconsistencies in the press releases. Mr. Oliver noted that Nickelodeon had picked up “20 episodes no matter what,” and that an additional 20 episodes would be produced “if the show did well,” adding that Power Rangers only had to do as well as it was doing a few years ago in the ratings for all 40 episodes to be produced.

Shortly after Mr. Oliver’s comments at Power Morphicon, an interview in Variety magazine noted that Saban Brands intended to keep the Samurai theme for two years, raising speculation that 20 episodes would air in 2011, and the additional 20 episodes would air in 2012.

Although the new promotional art should help put an end to the discrepancy surrounding the episode count, it’s worth noting that Power Rangers Samurai is still in the pre-production and production stages. As a result, information regarding the show’s total episode count should be considered subject to change, and treated the same way that information regarding pre-production or production of any other show would be treated.

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